Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Daddy Panda is practicing his moves for Mummy Panda

Daddy Panda bought himself a new toy to work on his moves for mummy Panda, he is going to be rocking the cave tonight and of course eating bamboo shoots and having a fag !

Wake Up Polar Bear you have overslept and the Ice Caps Melting!

Ok Polar bear you wake up the ice caps are melting, The agency didn't give me this job as an alarm clock for nothing you know, WAKEY WAKEY "why do I get all the stupid jobs just cos I walk funny its discrimination you know" Wake Up or I am going on snooze mode and wont be back till autumn.

Ginger Pussy cat takes the latest eye test

Ginger Pussy takes the latest eye test he can read the bottom line with his left eye but forgot he had superglue on his paw, He is now known as Patch after paw removal surgery, The other cats in the neighborhood said it could only happen to a Ginger! 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Don't Bug me" only if you Don't eat me !

This little fella thinks the human is going to eat him "you are ok for now little one im having horse for dinner"