Sunday, 26 December 2010

funny smiling goat

This goat thourght it would be funny to pinch my camra and run off with it and take pictures of it self  so he called his mate other to his shed to take the picture of him on my camra in the end i saw him and his mate in the shed when i was walking passed a zoo so i took it to get the pictures i had already had on it and then i found this picture of him so i said to the shop keeper ill keep that one aswell so the goat took my camra again and then i gave up on him in the end so i got a new one now.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Biker had a shock when cow stole his motorbike

A local biker had a nasty shock when he stopped for a pee in a cows field, he stood against the hedge with his helmet in his hand when he heard the roar of his motorbike starting up on the roadside, after quickly zipping up his full leather racing motorbike suit in black with flame trim, he witnessed a cow making its get away on his bike. He telephoned the police immediatly but the local constabulary didn't take him seriously saying pull the UDDER one!

Police chase Swan wanted for questioning over Royal incedent

A local swan was pursued by Police in a dramatic Police chase, The white swan alias "Beaky Malone" was wanted in questioning about an incident at the local park. Beaky Malone was accused of being involved in a Royal Incedent, he roughed up Cammilla Parker Bowels's hair with his wings and pinched a loaf of bread from her basket. Police are still in hot pursuit of Beaky Malone and have warned the public to approach him with thanks. The Royal Family have offered a reward to anybody who can let the Police know of his hide out, and also to let him know he has been awarded a Knighthood in the next Queens speach!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

This little chicken turned in to EVIL

Well this little dude was so cut when he was little and then his mum left him on his own when he was a little chick and now he has got his own back lol and now his mum has ran away. NOW THAT WHAT I CALL EVIL NOW IM SCARED OF THIS BEAST

Cats and snow balls

This cat was having fun out side with his mates and I am lucky to find them lobbing snowballs at each other, and at the same time he auditioned for strictly come dancing.  

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

dolphins and dogs

I accidentally flushed the dogs ball down the toilet and I shouted fetch, unfortunately he tuck me seriously, the ball was last seen floating passed Nemo on the way to Australia, we are hoping to get the ball back by next Charismas.

vampire chinchilla

Dracula The Chinchilla
Chinchilla's going to bite you in the ass, Don't go out after dark with Dracula the chinchilla about look at the teeth on this mother, not reccommended as a pet as it could become a real pain in the neck!!